I often find myself feeling God’s cold shoulder.

Before you launch into the solution, I just want to vocalize something that has always bothered me just enough to recognize it, but not enough to reflect on it–

Often the answer to the feeling of the absence of God is that it must be the person’s fault.

You turned away from God.

You stopped reading your Bible.

You stopped praying.

You don’t feel God? Honestly, you brought it on yourself. Here’s what I do…

Does this strike anyone else as troublesome?

Perhaps it’s because of a family trauma using this same language.

My uncle is physically disabled and spent many of his younger years going to Christian healers trying to be “fixed”.

He still can’t walk.

But you know what he was told over and over and over again? It was because he didn’t believe enough. It was his fault. If only he put more trust/love/faith in God then he would be able to walk like all of his brothers.

I don’t have a solution or answer for myself or anyone else, but we have to stop victim blaming when we are hurt by God. I know it helps maintain our own religiosity that God can’t possibly be withholding/cruel/mean, but the solution isn’t to turn it around to the person who is in pain.

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